Roswell Outback Automotive Racing

formally: Robinson Racing Enterprises

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Q. I want to build a Racecar, where do I start ?

A. First, you need to decide what type of Racing you want to do.

Stock Cars, Drag Racing, Road Racing, Etc. Then you need to decide what “Brand” of car you want to race. (Ford, Chevy, Nissan, Etc.) There are different “classes” in almost every form of racing, ranging from Street Stocks, which are generally Passenger Cars Modified for Racing, all the way up to Custom Built, Tube Frame Race Cars.

Q. Do you sell parts ?

A. We are not a Parts Store. We do not have a E-Commerce link.

Over the years, we have developed a network of Suppliers & Manufacturers of Racing & High Performance Parts, which we buy from on an “as needed” basis.

If you need parts for your racecar we will be glad to give you a price quote. We accept Visa & Mastercard and can ship them to you via United Parcel Service.

Q. Do you build Engines ?

A. No, engine building is a world unto itself, requiring specialized machines, tooling, and knowledge that we do not possess. We confine our activities to what we do best, Chassis & Suspension.

Q. What is the cost of building a Competitive Racecar ?

A. That is a question we hear a lot, and it is impossible to answer in general terms. It depends on whether you want to get into entry level racing at your local short track, or do you want a professionally built Tube Frame Car for a specific class of Racing ? We will be glad to discuss prices with you on the basis of what level of service you want us to provide.

Everybody has a budget, and we understand that. Our goal is to assist you in building a Competitive

Car, of “your choice“, at a fair and reasonable cost. We understand that some customers have the facilities to do some of the work themselves, and only want to hire us to perform the work they can not do. We will be glad to work with you from building a basic Roll Cage, all the way up to a Turn Key, drive into the trailer Racecar.

Q. What Types of Cars Do You Build ?

A. Over the years our business has evolved into primarily Road Race Chassis. We have experience however, in building Drag Race Cars, Stock Cars, Restoration of Vintage Race Cars, & Street Rods.

We also ask that you refer to our Services Page to see what other Service we provide.

Q. What do you need from me to begin work on building my Racecar ?

A. Please review our Parts Listing page to acquaint yourself with the Parts and Labor that are generally involved in building a Racecar.

(Some of our customers have their own preferred parts suppliers, and brands). We will be glad to supply all of the necessary parts needed in construction, or utilize the appropriate parts you may wish to supply to us. The Parts Listing page will also let you know what components we will need from you, prior to beginning construction of your Racecar.

Once we have agreed on what you want, we will require a deposit before we start ordering Parts to begin the construction of your car. This is generally 25% of the “Estimated Total“. We will ask that you make payments as construction progresses, in 25% increments, and a final payment upon completion, when you come to pick up the Car.

Please understand that building a Racecar is a lot like building a house. Changes in midstream are extra, and the “by the ways” are also extra. Therefore, it is important that we stay in close contact during the course of building your car, and that we have a good understanding of where we are going before we start construction.

Q. After my Racecar is built will you provide Support or Trackside Services ?

A. The reputation we have built over the years has come from not only building the car, but also through working with our customers to assure that the car will perform to their expectations. We are always ready to answer any questions you may have about your Racecar.

Barry Trivette will accompany you to the Race Track for a Daily Fee plus Expenses. In the event he is already going to be at the track, with more than one car, the expenses are usually divided between the teams he is working with.