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The Following Pages Provide A Basic Breakdown Of The Parts & Labor Involved In Building A Racecar.

If you do not see prices applicable to your project please call us for a quote.


Body ,Engine, Transmission ,Tires & Wheels: We do not have a good source for any of these items.

Since we do not build engines, we would ask that you consult with your engine builder, and ask that you supply or specify, the Engine Oiling System, and Pumps for your Engine.

(We will be glad to supply these items on a cost of parts, plus labor installation basis, if you prefer)

Additionally, we ask that you supply the Ignition System of your choice.

We do not have the facilities to do paint and body work. We do have reliable outside sources to perform this work. If you wish for your car to be painted, please call for a quote.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to call us or e-mail us.

We are open Monday-Friday 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

Chassis Labor SCCA GT-3 & GTL

Frame and Cage with all Suspension Mounting Points

Steering Rack Mount

Engine and Transmission Mounts

Radiator & Cooler Mounts

Fuel Cell Mounts

Seat and Seat Belt Mounts

Window Net Mounts

Pedal Assembly Mounts

Dash Panel or Mounts for Data Acquisition

Steel Driver Floor, Foot Box, and Rear Firewall

Lead Ballast Mounts

Front and Rear Bumper Bars and Tow Hooks

Roof Skin, Windshield Pillars, and Cowl “Installed” (Does not include Roof, A Pillars, or Cowl Panel which are generally part of the body kit.)

Price includes all Tubing & Raw Materials needed for construction.

Total $10,000.00

Powder Coat Chassis

We have a Company within our business complex which can Powder Coat your Chassis. We have found this to be more durable and longer lasting than paint, and generally cheaper in the long run than the labor & materials involved in painting a Chassis.

Body Mounting

(We do not have the facilities to do paint and body work. We do have reliable outside sources to perform this work. If you wish for your car to be painted, please call for a quote.)

Align & Fit All Body Panels

Build & Install Body Mounts & Supports

Install Body Latches and Dzus Fasteners

Build & Install Rear Window Support

Install Windshield, Side & Rear Windows, and Taillights

Aluminum Interior (Labor Only)

Build & Install Aluminum Interior Panels

Install All Dzus’ For Removable Panels

Miscellaneous Labor

All Miscellaneous Labor Such As Installing Wiring, Plumbing, Gauges, Grille Screen, Radiator Shrouding, Building Steering Shafts & Mounts, Brake Lines, Exhaust Systems, Race Prep. Etc. Will Be Billed Hourly At The Current Shop Rate.

General Parts List


( Call for Prices )


2 Spindles W/ Brake Brackets Custom Built For RRE Chassis

2 Upper A Arm Assemblies Custom Built For RRE Chassis

2 Lower A Arm Assemblies Custom Built For RRE Chassis

2 Aluminum Front Hub Kits

2 Tie Rod Assemblies

2 Upper Rear Trailing Arm Assemblies

2 Lower Rear Trailing Arm Assemblies

1 Front Swaybar (Tubular)

1 Rear Swaybar (Tubular)

4 Aluminum Swaybar Arms

4 Bronze Swaybar Bushings

2 Front Swaybar Link Assemblies

2 Rear Swaybar Link Assemblies

4 Coil Over Shocks

4 Coil Over Springs

2 Aluminum Rear Hub Kits

1 Quick Change Rear End Assembly W / Brake Brackets


1 Dual Pedal Assembly

1 Accelerator Pedal

3 Master Cylinders

1 Brake Bias Adjuster

4 Brake Calipers

4 Brake Rotors

1 Front Brake Pads

1 Rear Brake Pads

1 Brake Light Switch

1 Body (Customer Supplied)

1 MR10 Lexan Windshield

1 Windshield Tab & Brace Kit

1 Lexan Rear Window & Straps

1 Lexan Quarter Or Rear Door Windows

1 Stainless Grille Screen

1 Aluminum & Sheet Metal (Interior & Firewall)

1 Rear Spoiler Or Wing

1 Steering Rack & Pinion

1 Steering Wheel

1 Steering Quick Release

1 Steering Shaft & U-Joints

1 Firewall Flange Bearing

1 Window Net & Mounting Kit

1 Seat

1 Safety Harness & Mounting Kits

1 10 Lb. Fire System

1 Wink Mirror

1 Radiator

1 Fuel Cell

1 Dry Sump Tank & Mounting Brackets

1 Aluminum Radiator Catch Can

1 Aluminum Engine Vent Catch Can

1 Aluminum Rear End Catch Can

1 Battery & Battery Box

1 Master Cut Off Switch


All Aeroquip, Fuel Lines, Brake Lines, Fittings, Vent Hoses, Carb. Ducting, Hardware, Misc. Rod Ends & High Travel Washers, Dzus Fittings, Plates & Springs, Oil, Lubricants, Ignition Wiring, Battery Cables, Radiator Hoses & Cap, Wire Ends and Loom, Heat Shrink Tubing, Adel Clamps, Tie Wraps, Rivets, Silicone Sealer, Brake Fluids, Aerosol Spray Paint, Etc. Will Be Billed As Used.

WARNING: Racing is a dangerous sport. Due to the intended use of the above listed products, please read the following disclaimer carefully!

WARRANTY DISCLAIMER: Robinson Racing Enterprises, Inc., hereby disclaims and excludes any and all expressed or implied warranties for any Automobile components. Pursuant to the uniform commercial code, Section 2316, the seller of these products excludes all warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. There are no warranties which extend beyond the description on the face thereof. further the seller directs the purchaser to fully examine each enclosed automobile component before installation and/or use.